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It's Your Very Own Fashion Runway

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

Start with some compelling reality TV, add a taste for DIY — do it yourself — and then embellish it all with the emphasis on creativity in our culture, and there is a resurgence of garment sewing! This long-admired and cultivated skill seemed long gone, owning to cheap overseas fabric and garment manufacture. However, we have witnessed a growing dissatisfaction with disposable fashion, uncontrolled consumerism, and an ever more rapid fashion cycle — who knows what is in fashion anymore when anything goes. And so we find more hobbyists pouring over pattern books, a growing interest in tailoring bespoke garments, and more discovering the sheer fun of creating a custom look for themselves and others. More are inspired to shop sustainable fashion or to make it themselves.

It's not hard to learn garment construction with educational materials constantly at our fingertips with YouTube tutorials, websites like PatternReview.com, couture sewing schools, and great books like Nancy Zieman's "Pattern Fitting With Confidence" or fun books like "Skirt-a-Day Sewing: Create 28 Skirts for a Unique Look Every Day. That book is worth its weight in gold!

There are so many kinds of sewing machines that have so many different features that choosing the right sewing machine can be overwhelming. At Sewing Machine Mart, we have a 70-plus year history of offering and servicing the best sewing machines. Over time, this has translated into the best, cutting-edge technology under one roof. And as we like to say, we can meet every sewing need from $150–$20,000.

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