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Would You Like to Join a Creative Sewing Community?

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

As sewing has changed from a household necessity to produce and mend clothing, sewing has evolved into a form of creative expression — a relaxing leisure activity. Fueled by social media such as Pinterest and Instagram, as well as online sewing tutorials, many find they need to buy a new machine or the right machine for their latest projects — to learn new skills such as designing and sewing custom garments, embroidering garments, accessories, and home decorations, as well as quilting. Some will start successful home-based businesses using these creative skills. 

Wherever your inspiration leads, most people will want to connect and learn with a local creative sewing community. Sewing Machine Mart offers beginner sewing classes, intermediate sewing classes, home decorating classes, alterations classes, Pfaff software classes, and special events with national brand ambassadors. 

Please watch this blog and social media channels for new instructional offerings. 

This Pfaff Performance Icon can sew your garments and embroider them as well — and it has a roomy work space for piecing quilts.

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