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Wipe Your Creative Slate Clean — and Organize Your Sewing Room — for New Projects

Updated: Apr 2, 2019

Sometimes, messy plus serendipity can lead to happy creative results, but most of the times a chaotic sewing room results in project block. It doesn't take long to turn your sewing room into a catch-all for laundry before you know what's happened. Before long, the vacuum cleaner and Christmas decorations end up in there. Wiping the creative slate starts with organizing your sewing room and creative space to create visual calm and clarity. Good online room and furniture planning tools are a great help, as is seeing how sew-lebrities have organized their creative spaces. Sewing Machine Marts offers Koala Studio furniture because of Koala's well-thought-out benefits for sewists.

Other tips for creative organization are:

  • Making sure your sewing machines are kept clean and serviced

  • Compartmentalize by keeping like things together

  • Scraps can be organized by size and color and the rest thrown away, or better yet given to a thrift store or sewing charity groups.

  • Easy access to trash cans is a must — one by the cutting table and one by the sewing machines. Keeping a handheld mini-vacuum is useful as well.

  • A vision board or planning journal with project pictures, ideas, and sketches is helpful, as is a list of who the projects are intended for and a timeline to make sure seasonal items and birthday presents are completed on time for gift-giving.

  • Keep a list of sewing needs — organizing furniture, desktop organizing aids, fabric, notions, tools, threads, stabilizers, classes, and swatches.

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