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Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Any sewing day is a banner day. Sometimes, it isn't possible to set aside an entire day to sew — no interruptions allowed! At times, it is satisfying enough to run a few seems first thing in the morning with your first or second cup of coffee. Making a banner triangle or two with scraps of your best fabric, or from unmendable clothes, can be a satisfying start to your day.

Another sewing quick-fix is adding to a boro project, bit by bit, either by hand, or by sewing machine. This Japanese art of mending is eye-catching, thrifty, and can upcycle any humble pair of blue jeans, a favorite worn jacket, or make an ordinary purse into a statement purse.

When you grab a bite at lunchtime, you can always find your muse with Pfaff's inspiration page or you can learn and create at Baby Lock's project page.

This is how any day can be a banner sewing day!

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